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 Cristina  Geninazzi  (1983) was born between the mountains and the waters of the Lake of Como in Lecco, a little city in the north of Italy.

From the beginning she couldn’t wait to travel around the world but for the first years of her life she was happy to roam in her region.

So she initially moved to Brescia to study Theatrical and Dramaturgic Critics at University, and, after an escaping year in Portugal, she landed in the middle of big Milan.

In the capital of fashion, Cristina attended the physical theatre school ‘Arsenale’ with Lecoq method where she began working with mask (neutral, expressive, of the commedia dell’arte) and where she met for the first time the puzzling universe of the clown.

She accidentally encountered circus whilst following a multidisciplinary workshop of theatre, dance, singing and circus with international performers and, excited by the infinite physical possibilities of this art form, she later joined FLIC circus school in Turin. Here Cristina found her life and her passion: being upside down in the air!

She graduated in aerial disciplines, specializing in static trapeze, and she usually adds a little bit of comedy to her acts.

She has performed all over Italy, France, Slovenia, Norway, Wales, Finland, England and Scotland and she always brings her aerial skills together with her love for physical comedy, character and contemporary clown.

Since 2012 she performs with NoFitState Circus Company.

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